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Bronze Exam

An early solo pilot only attended one briefing on the complexities of the Bronze examination, but obtained a score of 95%. When the astounded C.F.I. asked him how he had managed this he replied: ‘I really expected to get 100% but that lecture I went to rather confused me.’

Roarie bummers ……………………………………………….By Peter Holloway

Professor Selin Kesebir of the London Business School found that words to do with nature and the weather, common in the early 1900's, are sadly becoming rare. Examples:

Roarie-bummers. Fast moving storm clouds. Scots
Landskein. Weave of horizon lines on a hazy day. English
Nurdle. To wander aimlessly. East Anglian
Glashtroch. Incessant rain. Scots
Smeuse. A hole through a hedge or dense foliage. Sussex

So if you have no fixed goal for your flight, and you don't bother with weather forecasts you may have to enter into your log book something like the following:

After surviving an aero tow through a smeuse at the North end of the field, I settled for a bit of nurdling around Storrington. Concentrating on the lanskein I didn't notice the roarie-bummers and landed out owing to glashtroch.